Casper Cottage 👻

Casper Cottage 👻


Original Halloween ornament designed and lovingly hand crafted by The SeaSalt Shed

2019 was the first time I introduced Halloween to my designs and it’s back in 2022 with a new style!

Meet Casper Cottage 👻 measuring 11cm long, 10cm wide & 10cm high

This ornament is full of Halloween charm and character and it’s a brilliant way to get creative! From pumpkins to cobwebs and even hand crafted ghosts! The lodge is a spooky one and going by the boards over the windows no one has braved going inside for a long time. There’s even a spooky spider crawling along the rooftop!

This is a lovely addition to your Halloween decorations to bring out year after year!

Each one is slightly different in design so no one is ever the same.

It will come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped before being carefully packaged into a recycled cardboard box and sent via Royal Mail