Ghoulish Cottage 👻 (Lime Green)

Ghoulish Cottage 👻 (Lime Green)


Original driftwood home art designed and lovingly hand crafted by The SeaSalt Shed

Ghoulish Cottage 👻

Measuring 9.5cm long, 8cm wide & 11cm high

I think this is one of my favourite Halloween designs so far! It’s absolutely jam packed with Halloween spooky-ness! From a witches cauldron with an explosion of smoke, a spell book, a hand crafted glow in the dark ghost and of course no Halloween scene would be complete without a pumpkin or two! This little wooden house would make a lovely addition to your Halloween/Fall decorations and it will be something you can display year after year!

©️ The SeaSalt Shed

It will come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped before being carefully packaged into a recycled cardboard box and sent via Royal Mail

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