Marine Drive

Marine Drive


Original coastal & driftwood home art designed and lovingly hand crafted by The SeaSalt Shed

Marine Drive 🌊

Measuring 8.5” long, 4” wide & 4” tall

This coastal scene has been lovingly hand crafted using salvaged wood and Kentish driftwood. It features 3 coastal houses set on a driftwood base. Each house has a nautical themed charm, window shutters and boxes with beautiful white flower. The street is filled with mussel shell boats, a little sand filled bucket and a little wire fence with a gap in the middle. To complete this coastal scene I’ve added little tufts of flowers, little wooden buoys , two fish from todays catch and little bicycle to ride one down to the seafront.

This scene will come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped before being carefully packaged into a a recycled cardboard box and sent via Royal Mail

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