Picnic On The Lawn 🧺

Picnic On The Lawn 🧺


Original handcrafted driftwood home art designed and lovingly handcrafted by The SeaSalt Shed

Picnic on the lawn measuring 4” long, just under 4” wide & 4” tall

Made from salvaged wood and driftwood this scene features a large cherry blossom tree nestled beside a sweet little cottage on a Kentish driftwood base. The garden is full of grass, multicoloured flowers and some cute little daisies. Hidden amongst the flowers the homeowner has set up a little picket blanket with a lovely pot of tea and some slices of cake for a little natter! To complete this scene I’ve added a garden rake, a flower filler watering can and a sweet little ladybird sitting on the roof top.

This scene will come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped before being carefully packaged into a recycled cardboard box and sent via Royal Mail

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