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Beside The Seaside ⛱️ | Kentish Driftwood

Beside The Seaside ⛱️ | Kentish Driftwood


Beside The Seaside ⛱️

Measuring just over 26cm long, 7cm wide & 10cm high

Set on a Kentish driftwood base sits this gorgeous coastal house in pretty pastel shades, Its a beautiful day and everyone is packing for a day by the beach! They better not forget their towels as I'm sure they've love to get in the sea when it's so hot outside 🌞

It filled this summer piece with lots of coastal charms including mussel shell boats, a sand bucket, a windbreak & a cute little dog. The house are decorated with lovely little shutters and flower boxes in full bloom.

Original driftwood home art designed and lovingly hand crafted by The SeaSalt Shed ©️

Every artwork come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped in hand stamped wrapping paper and carefully packaged into a recycled cardboard box.

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