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Snowflake Cottage ❄️

Snowflake Cottage ❄️


Snowflake Cottage ❄️

These lovely winter cottages sit on Kentish driftwood bases found on the beautiful Minster Leas beach.

Each piece is unique not only in colour but the bases they sit on too, each base has been weathered by the sea in so many different forms. The houses are covered in little snow drops that are falling from the wintery skies above and its starting to settle on the ground too. A lovely silver glittered tree sits beside the house and some lovely seasoned logs ready for the fire.

They each measure approximately 4" wide, 3" deep & 4" tall

They will come well bubble wrapped and gift wrapped before being carefully packaged into a recycled cardboard box and sent via Royal Mail

©️ The SeaSalt Shed

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